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Because you were made to make a difference.

You are a changemaker

Because you see things differently. You are crazy enough to think you can change the world. And it's people like you who actually do.


You're an artist, a creative, a trailblazer, a troublemaker, a risk-taker, and a change-maker.  Your gifts weren't meant to be wasted. And the world needs them now more than ever. 


Because the world needs your gifts more than ever.

Build a business

that makes a difference

We believe in people like you, because people like you move us forward.

If you have a laptop, you can start a business. If you have a smartphone, you can create a digital product. And if you have wifi, you can reach a global audience. With some simple strategies, you can create a profitable online business that uses your talents to serve the customers, causes, and communities you care about. 


Turn Things Upside down

This will turn everything you've ever known about life, work, and success on its head.


Social entrepreneurs are society's change agents. They are creators and innovators that disrupt status quo and transform our world for the better. 

TOMS Shoes

Headbands of Hope

Oluwatoyin Ayanfodun - Tomorrow's Leader

Tomorrow's Leaders


Who Gives a Crap


If you can find a purpose that imbues you with meaning, then channeling that passion and energy toward your business or vocation can be a source of near invincibility.

Daniel Lubetzy, KIND Snacks

IDEAS THAT inspire.

We like to keep it fresh with juicy new content every week. We'll share what inspires us, and we hope it will inspire you! 


We've created, collected, and curated the best resources from today's leaders, innovators, and change-makers - just for you.


You'll learn how to turn your talents into a sustainable business that creates positive social change.... even if you have no business experience, no tech skills, and no idea where to start.

TOOLS FOR change.


bringing Scalable Business

to Sustainable Change


We bring the power of online business to the field of social impact. Spreading key principles of social entrepreneurship, we help changemakers create scalable products that fuel sustainable social change. Now, you can start a profitable business - and make the world a better place - wherever you are.


As you invest in your ability to do work that matters, you invest in changemakers around the world to do the same. For every program you purchase, we equip a changemaker from a community in need.

How We're Helping the U.N. Reach their goals


You Belong Here

Join this global community of changemakers and get exclusive access to some of our best resources to help you do what you love, turn what you love into a living, and use your work as a force for good.

When You Invest in You...

When you purchase one of our trainings, you join the fight against apathy around the world.

...You Invest in the World.

The money from our digital products goes to fund our social impact work on the ground.

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